Discover an Ancient Eco-WonderKaua‘i

The MENEHUNE FISHPOND or is located along the Hule‘ia Stream about a half-mile inland from Nawiliwili Harbor. Said to have been BUILT 500 YEARS AGO by a crew of little people called menehune, the oval-shaped pond, as lore has it, surfaced after one night of hard labor. In more-recent Hawaiian history, the ancient construction was used as a breeding ground for fish.

As for the legend, the story goes that the MYTHICAL MENEHUNE— who might be best described as the Hawaiian version of leprechauns— constructed the pond by passing stones hand to hand in just one night. When someone spied the menehune toiling on HULE‘IA STREAM, they left, which explains the two gaps in the fishpond wall.

Before they walked off the job, the menehune crews placed a wall of stones 900 feet long and 5 feet high. The makaha, or gate systems, used to regulate the fishpond have long since been replaced, but the stone wall still stands. Some people are skeptical about the existence and physical prowess of the legendary menehune people. But then again, no one’s found a better explanation for this 500-year-old eco-wonder.

To see the Menehune Fishpond, drive inland along Hulemalu Road from Niumalu past Nawiliwili Harbor. The road rises above the Hule‘ia Stream. Look for a turnoff and overlook marked by an HVCB warrior sign.