Book a Sightseeing TripKaua‘i

There was a time when Hawai‘i visitors didn’t leave home without booking SIGHTSEEING TOURS on a bus or a boat. Climbing aboard with a driver or captain, who doubles as a tour guide, was much easier than solo navigation in what was then foreign territory.

Today’s visitor tends to be more independent and adventurous, and Hawai‘i now is more tourist-friendly. But the advantages of sightseeing by tour bus or boat still hold true— it’s pretty much the easiest way to go. So sit back, relax and enjoy beautiful scenery.

Tour bus and boat companies are available on all islands, providing a variety of tours that include signature attractions and a lot of information. Some tour companies book DAY TRIPS AND OVERNIGHTERS from one island to another.

You’ll find that these tour companies have perfected the art of hassle-free sightseeing.

Roberts Hawai’i (808) 831-5541 OR (808) 539-4900