Beyond the CitySee all 101 Things To Do on the Big Island!

Go Big-Game Hunting

Year-round HUNTING SAFARIS are an adrenaline rush at PARKER RANCH— and we’re not talking about hunting rabbits, here. POLYNESIAN BOARS flourish in rolling grasslands and dense forests, and SPANISH GOATS roam in rugged terrain. BILLIES carry up to 36-inch antlers and weigh 200 pounds, while GAME BIRDS AND TURKEY HUNTS are seasonal thrills as well…. Continue »

Go on a Photo Safari

While here on Hawai‘i Island, you’re likely to experience more scenic imagery than humanly possible to remember. From the other-worldly landscapes you encounter as you tour lava fields and lush rainforests, to a sea turtle or a manta ray going about its day in the ocean, to a rainbow-colored shave ice—only a picture can begin… Continue »

Trek to a Star Party

You won’t find celebrities at a Hawai‘i Island “STAR PARTY,” but having the Southern Cross, Jupiter, Saturn and the Great Andromeda Galaxy at your fingertips draws awe just as well. A regular feature of the ONIZUKA CENTER FOR INTERNATIONAL ASTRONOMY VISITOR INFORMATION STATION, the stargazing program is held every evening from 6 10 p.m. It… Continue »

See The Sights On Two Wheels

A great way to explore Hawai‘i Island is by bike. CYCLE STATION offers bike tours and rentals around the island. Their guides will cycle you through the Big Island’s history, culture, flora and fauna on educational, fun cycling tours. Cycle Station also offers state-of-the-art rental bikes (comfort bikes, road bikes, triathlon bikes, kids’ bikes), so… Continue »