Land DiversionsSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Film on Kaua’i

Although Hollywood FILMMAKERS have been MAKING MOVIES ON KAUA‘I for more than 75 years, recent big-budget films with A-list stars continue to catapult Hawai‘i into the spotlight. Recently, “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES,” starring Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz, was filmed here, as was “THE DESCENDANTS,” starring George Clooney, which earned an Oscar…. Continue »

Tour a Whimsical Garden

NA ‘AINA KAI BOTANICAL GARDENS is a backyard project that grew into what is now an amazingly diverse and carefully plotted Eden reaching across 240 acres to the sea. The gardens reflect more than 25 years of work that has gradually transformed land once devoted to sugar cane and cattle grazing into a young hardwood… Continue »

Stroll Kaua‘i’s Prized Botanical Gardens

Kaua‘i is nicknamed “THE GARDEN ISLE,” and for good reason. Kaua‘i is home to three BOTANICAL GARDENS belonging to the NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN (NTBG), a private, nonprofit organization and the only officially recognized tropical garden in the United States. This institute is dedicated to scientific research, conservation and education, working every day to protect… Continue »

Saunter Posh Princeville

PRINCEVILLE is a jewel of a property on Kaua‘i’s North Shore. This master-planned community is situated on the cliffs that overlook HANALEI BAY. Once a cattle ranch, it was sold for development in 1968 and has grown to include hotels, two golf courses, a shopping center, private homes and vacation rentals. The PRINCEVILLE HOTEL underwent… Continue »

Get Involved: Voluntourism

Travelers are learning that one of the best ways to discover the real Kaua‘i and aloha spirit is to get involved with a VOLUNTOURISM program. Through working with local residents on CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS, visitors get their hands dirty and their eyes opened. At the forefront of the voluntourism movement is the SHERATON KAUAI… Continue »

Picnic at an Arboretum

If you were to labor for months over plans for an ideal spot for a family outing, you’d be hard-pressed to beat the KE‘AHUA ARBORETUM. Not so much a classic arboretum as a much-loved SWIMMING HOLE fed by a rushing mountain stream, Ke‘ahua Arboretum is a great place for a PICNIC, a splash in the… Continue »

Go On A “Hawaiian Dundee” Adventure

Yes, Kaua‘i can be a tranquil paradise, but you’re more into adrenaline-fueled exploration. Island Adventures’ tours offer you an experience fit for an action movie. The “This Ain’t No Zipline Tour” has guests kayaking up the Hule‘ia River, into the heart of a wildlife refuge. Following a short hike through a forest, a van takes… Continue »

Go Shopping, Kaua‘i-Style

A SHOPPING SPREE on Kaua‘i mimics the island experience to a T— you can’t possibly know what to expect, and you have to keep a keen eye peeled for treasures hidden along the way. There are shopping malls—none of them guilty of a sprawl—along with bigbox discount stores and Macy’s, the island’s only nationwide department… Continue »

Explore Breathtaking Kipu

Part of Kaua‘i’s charm is its unceremonious nature and wild beauty. It’s a place better discovered than master-planned. Hollywood filmmakers uncovered Kaua‘i’s secrets decades ago. Now, TOUR COMPANIES are opening at FORMER FILM LOCATIONS on private land. KIPU RANCH, where scenes from movies like “RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK” and “THE LOST WORLD” were filmed,… Continue »

Golf the Garden Isle

Set 300 feet above the Pacific along the island’s rugged north coast, the PRINCE COURSE AT PRINCEVILLE RESORT is an 18-hole, par-72 course rated by many experts and golf publications as the No. 1 course in Hawai‘i. This rating isn’t given for the stunning scenery; the Prince is a golfing experience that will try your… Continue »