Essential KauaʻiSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Meet Hawai’i’s Giant Sea Turtles

It’s as common to get a look at Hawai‘i’s GIANT GREEN SEA TURTLES as it is rare to come across the nearly extinct HAWKSBILL SEA TURTLE. Either way, both species are a treat to see, and both happen to frequent the waters of the Garden Isle. Green sea turtles aren’t shy. Expect to see them… Continue »

Learn to Surf

References to SURFING are found in the earliest legends of ancient Hawai‘i. Around A.D. 400, a form of belly-boarding on small wooden planks was introduced; later, Tahitian explorers brought their tradition of riding waves with canoes. The Hawaiians merged the two techniques to create the sport of surfing. Today, the fascination with the sport of… Continue »

Paddle the Path of the Ancients

PADDLING A KAYAK UP THE WAILUA RIVER is more than a pleasant diversion— it’s a trek through a lush rainforest to an inviting waterfall, a journey through ancient Hawaiian sites and a few hours of healthy exercise delivered at a relaxing pace. The easy 4-mile paddle and 2-mile hike to ULUWEHI, or SECRET FALLS, is… Continue »

Take a Hike

Kaua‘i is renowned for its HIKING TRAILS and BACKCOUNTRY VISTAS. To start, WAIMEA CANYON, the 3,000-foot-deep centerpiece of KOKE‘E STATE PARK, is a premier hiking experience. One trail at the canyon ends at an 800-foot waterfall, and while strenuous, the hike will provide visitors with solitude and glimpses of exotic rainforest vegetation. Those seeking a… Continue »

Pick a Beach

Nearly circular in shape, Kaua‘i is ringed by 113 miles of shoreline, with almost half giving way to sugar-fine GOLDEN-SAND BEACHES. For the record, that’s more beach per mile of shoreline than any other of the seven inhabited islands of the Hawaiian chain. Perhaps the best way to sort out Kaua‘i’s beaches is to consider… Continue »

Surround Yourself With Blooms

What better way to show your aloha spirit than with a FLOWER LEI? This GARLAND OF FLOWERS is given as a gift upon greeting guests and can be as simple as a daisy chain-like string of perfumed plumeria or as intricate as a multi-braided haku lei composed of flowers, berries and leaves. Either way, it’s… Continue »