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Sneak a Kiss at Romantic Locales

With sunsets over the ocean, toes dipped in tide pools, balmy breezes and an all-around tropical vibe, it’s hard for anything not to feel romantic on the islands. But there’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, right? In case you want that extra-special moment to top off a romantic day, here’s… Continue »

Get Festive on Kaua‘i

One of the best ways to get deep into the soul of a place is to mix and mingle with the people who live there. There’s no more enjoyable way to get to know people than at a party, and the people of Kaua‘i are great about sharing their culture through a SLEW OF FESTIVALS… Continue »

Sample the “Best of Kaua‘i”

No one knows a place quite like the locals. Every year, Kaua‘i residents choose their favorite eateries, activities and services in The Garden Island newspaper’s “Best of Kaua‘i” People’s Choice Awards . Sample the Garden Isle’s bounty at a few recent “Best of the Best” winners, dining edition. Below, find a few joints to get… Continue »

Walk With “The Descendants”

THE DESCENDANTS, a 2011 film starring GEORGE CLOONEY and SHAILENE WOODLEY, was filmed on-location in Hawai‘i (O‘ahu and Kaua‘i) and features many cherished sites. The movie is based on a novel of the same name written by Kaui Hart Hemmings, a Hawai‘i resident. While exploring Kaua‘i, you, too, can walk in the film characters’ footsteps… Continue »

Muse & Groove

Hawaiian music is alive and beating on the Garden Island. Many local hotels and restaurants regularly showcase LIVE MUSIC to amplify the ambiance. At the end of an adventure-filled day, nothing says “vacation bliss” quite like good food and live music. While many establishments and watering holes host local performers throughout the week, check with… Continue »

Tour a Cacao Farm

CHOCOLATE LOVERS, rejoice! Hawai‘i is the only U.S. state where CACAO is grown, and on Kaua‘i, you tour a CHOCOLATE FARM, and then savor island-grown chocolaty goodness. Located in Kapa‘a, STEELGRASS FARM, an 8-acre farm owned by the Lydgate family, offers FAMILY-FRIENDLY TOURS of its live chocolate tree orchard. On the guided CHOCOLATE FROM BRANCH… Continue »

Go on a Foodie Tour

The Garden Isle’s lush landscape and regular rainfall make the island a natural fit for harvesting exotic fruits, produce, chocolate and coffee. With a Hawaiian Islands-wide movement toward sustainability through farming and local production of meats, dairy and other goodies, Kaua‘i satisfies traveling foodies. FOOD TOURS, found around the island, are a great way for… Continue »

Hunt for Kaua‘i-Made Goods

Take the guesswork out of buying local products, and simply look for a purple-and-green “KAUA‘I MADE” logo—it’s the shopper’s assurance that you’re buying the real thing. In an effort to support local producers and help shoppers find authentic KAUA‘I-MADE PRODUCTS, the county’s Office of Economic Development organized island vendors and retailers under one umbrella to… Continue »

Do Downward Dog by the Sea

YOGA is known for its relaxing and centering qualities. Beaches are hailed as a place to escape and rejuvenate. Kaua‘i is a destination renowned for its luxury, leisure, fun and rejuvenation. Why not combine all of these for the best possible Zen getaway? Below are a few studios and retreats to get your inner bliss… Continue »