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Learn More at Isle Museums

For all of Kaua‘i’s stunning natural attributes, there is still no shortage of MUSEUMS. A visit to any of these will enhance your stay and give you historical perspective. KAUA‘I HISTORICAL SOCIETY MUSEUM is located in the Old County Building on Rice Street in Lihu‘e. THE KAUA‘I HISTORY MAP, a guide to the Garden Isle’s… Continue »

Leave a Footprint in the Sand at Maha‘ulepu

MAHA‘ULEPU, the last undeveloped shoreline on Kaua‘i’s southern coast, is much more than an exquisite beach and favorite windsurfing spot. This 2,900-acre wilderness area is populated with rare plants and endangered animals. Maha‘ulepu tells the story of 5 million years of change to Kaua‘i’s land and waters. It was here that King Kamehameha sent his… Continue »

Step Back Into a Bygone Era

KAUA‘I MUSEUM is synonymous with the word “aloha” in every sense. One only needs to step inside to return to a world of Hawaiian culture and its rich history. Established in 1960, as the museum celebrates its 56TH ANNIVERSARY it is proud to continue its service as a welcoming space for people to actively gather… Continue »

Hunt For Ni‘Ihau Shell Lei

The shells used to create NI‘IHAU SHELL LEI are akin to precious gemstones. They aren’t stones, of course, but TINY SHELLS that are rare and precious. Made only on Ni‘ihau, a private island off Kaua‘i’s west side, the lei are known as one of Polynesia’s finest ART FORMS. For generations, the people of Ni‘ihau have… Continue »