Sea AdventuresSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Go Scuba or Snuba Diving

Beneath the waters that lap Kaua‘i’s shores, a marine environment is teeming with a rich store of secrets available only to folks who find ways to get down under. One way of doing so is strapping on an oxygen tank, which allows scuba divers to explore living coral reefs and sea caves, as well as… Continue »

Walk on Water

STAND-UP PADDLING is a popular water sport that can be pursued whether or not the surf’s up. The strategy behind the sport is not particularly complicated or challenging: Paddlers stand on a large longboard and use a canoe paddle to propel through the water. With lightweight paddles and extra-wide, aerodynamic surfboards— and some good balance,… Continue »

Hit the Waves on a Bodyboard

Not quite bold enough to try surfing? Unsure of bodysurfing? Consider BODYBOARDING, a hybrid of the two. Also known as BOOGIE BOARDING, bodyboarding was born in California in the early 1980s and is easier to master than surfing. The brainchild of Tom Morey, the sport caught on quickly and soon, Morey Boogie Boards and the… Continue »