Up in The AirSee all 101 Things To Do on Kaua‘i!

Hele to Jurassic Falls

MANAWAIOPUNA FALLS is not only difficult to wrap your tongue around, it’s also hard to find. Located in the wild on private property, it is off limits to the ordinary person. But film director Steven Spielberg is, of course, no ordinary person. That’s why scenes from his 1993 blockbuster “JURASSIC PARK” were shot at the… Continue »

Soar Through Kaua’i’s Tree Canopy

JUST LIVE! ZIPLINE TOURS is the name of a popular outdoor adventure paradise located five minutes west of Lihu‘e and 15 minutes east of Po‘ipu. Here, you can experience zipline tours, rappelling, rock-wall climbing, a monster swing, team-building programs and a ropes challenge course. Kaua‘i’s landmark peaks, MOUNTS WAI‘ALE‘ALE AND KAWAIKINI, soar in the distance,… Continue »

Jump Out of a Plane

The view from the Cessna 182 is all gorgeous coastline, shimmering canyons and beckoning blue sea. On any other day, it would be a relaxing ride, but today, your heart is pumping, your hands sweating, and you can practically smell the adrenaline. That’s normal, you’re about to JUMP OUT OF AN AIRPLANE. From the minute… Continue »

Take a Chopper to a Plant Refuge

The KAUA‘I WILDLIFE REFUGE is located in a remote area of the island that, until recently, was not accessible to the public. Now, SAFARI HELICOPTERS has made it possible to land here and get a look at what one man is doing to save endangered Hawaiian species. Located on a 10-acre site overlooking the privately… Continue »

Get Carried Away in a Helicopter

Although available on all of the major Hawaiian Islands, HELICOPTER TOURS are most popular on Kaua‘i, where the ageless beauty of the island’s rugged interior comes into full perspective. Expect to see waterfalls cascading down 3,000-foot cliffs and unique geographic and mythical sites described to you through noise-canceling headphones connected to your pilot’s microphone. One… Continue »

Fly in a Cozy Aircraft

The view from a commercial jet coming in for a landing at Lihu‘e Airport is enough to make most people want more. That’s why so many Kaua‘i visitors book FLIGHT-SEEING TOURS. For a slow-paced, affordable tour instead of the—albeit popular—buzz of a helicopter, try a FIXED-WING AIRCRAFT. These planes come equipped with oversized windows and… Continue »