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Try An Out-Of- The-Box Activity

For a heart-pounding rush of adrenaline, consider one of these three activities. First up, there’s MAUI ESCAPE ROOMS ( in Lahaina. Look for hidden clues, think outside the box and solve puzzles against the race of the clock to solve the clues that can free you from your designated escape room. Work in teams of… Continue »

Go to a Farmers’ Market

From garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, to baked goods, crafts and flowers, there’s not much one can’t find at one of Maui’s many FARMERS’ MARKETS. All farmers markets sell out fast, so don’t be late! To save time and avoid hassles, bring your own bags and plenty of $1 bills. Look for markets at the following… Continue »

Learn Hawai‘I Horse Tales

It’s arguably one of Maui’s most unique shows. NA LIOis an engaging retelling of the history of Hawai‘i and horses. Many don’t know about the legacy the Spanish vaqueros left in Hawai‘i. They gifted ali‘i with horses (and cows). They trained the paniolo (Hawai‘i cowboys). Today, one can trace a direct line from modern paniolo… Continue »