Beyond the CitySee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

See a Mormon Temple

Among the many influences that define life in Hawai‘i are the multi-faceted enterprises of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 1865, the church purchased a 6,000-acre plantation on O‘ahu’s North Shore in La‘ie. By 1919, a temple had been constructed at the site, and then came a college, which is now a… Continue »

Go Island-Hopping

The quickest and easiest way to get from one Hawaiian island to another is on board an airplane. Booking through an O‘ahu discount provider is a painless alternative to flying direct; these trips usually include a guided bus tour and sometimes, overnight accommodations. Each neighbor island has its own signature geographic and cultural characteristics, and… Continue »

Get Eco-Friendly

If “going green” is a lifestyle for you, rest assured that there are ECO-FRIENDLY ways to enjoy the island. Is sightseeing your thing? Take a tour of Waikiki, Honolulu’s historic sites and beaches on a Segway, an eco-friendly (and super cool!) people-mover. SEGWAY TOURS also are available in Kailua, with transportation from Waikiki hotels. For… Continue »

Get Carried Away in a Helicopter

On board a helicopter, it’s possible to lift off from a heliport, bypass populated areas and leave civilization behind in minutes. Look down and you’ll find yourself flying low over deep, impossibly tangled, uninhabitable canyons, where inland waterfalls drop hundreds of feet right outside your window. Now and then, HELICOPTER TOURS will hover before a… Continue »

Head for a Volcano

For a really “hot” excursion, jump on an interisland airways jaunt that takes you from O‘ahu to the VOLCANOES on the BIG ISLAND and back—all in time for dinner. You’ll fly in a 30-passenger, twin-engine jet prop operated by two pilots, a flight attendant and your own personal tour escort. Most tours begin on O‘ahu… Continue »

Get a Little Culture with Keiki

Let’s face it—KIDS can only build so many sand castles before they start running off to new adventures. Keep an eye on your keiki—or take time off from your watch—with one of several island outlets ranging from exploration of an operational cattle ranch to movie time by the pool. CLASSES AT NA KEIKI O KA… Continue »