Land DiversionsSee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

Go on a Photo Safari

While here on O‘ahu, you’re likely to experience more scenic imagery than humanly possible to remember. From the churning North Shore surf to tranquil, hidden ocean coves; from a sea turtle or monk seal snoozing on a quiet beach, to a rainbow-colored shave ice—only a picture can begin to capture these thousands of words. Whether… Continue »

Recreate the Scene

Even if this is your first trip to O‘ahu, chances are it’s not your first glance of the island. Numerous movies and TV shows have been set on O‘ahu, and others have used the scenery for filming. Perhaps the most notable show on airwaves currently, and in years past, is “HAWAII FIVE-0.” A quick drive… Continue »

Search Out Waterfalls

Looking for an off-the-grid adventure? Try HAWAII WATERFALL TOURS. These hikes to hidden waterfalls help visitors find their way to places usually seen only by local residents. There’s a 90-minute hike leading to a three-tiered waterfall that drops about 30 feet into a large pool filled with sparkling turquoise water. Or try a longer hike… Continue »

Explore a Valley Time Has Not Erased

Take a trip to O‘ahu’s North Shore to discover a sacred ahupua‘a (a land division that usually extends from the mountains to the sea) that just so happens to have a world-class botanical garden in the middle of it! WAIMEA VALLEY, located across from Waimea Bay, is a 1,875-acre, privately owned nonprofit property filled with… Continue »

Find Flora and Fauna

A tour of O‘ahu’s BOTANICAL GARDENS not only is a walk in beauty, but also is a lesson in the science of tropical plants. Some tours and exhibits are designed to enhance knowledge of various species, while others are more aesthetic, providing photo tours around the island’s gorgeous botanicals. The gardens below do not represent… Continue »

Find the Shrimp Shack

The draw of this outdoor eatery is more than its award-winning spicy garlic shrimp. The SHRIMP SHACK, a bright-yellow lunch wagon located along the scenic ocean-lined Kamehameha Highway in Punalu‘u (6 miles south of the Polynesian Cultural Center), is one of the few O‘ahu food stops that is as much a destination as it is… Continue »

Pamper Yourself, Hawaiian-Style

Hawai‘i is a healing place, and not just because of the soothing sounds of waves crashing on the shore or the warmth of the sun on your skin. Here, culture traditionally focuses on the importance of healing both body and spirit. Spas throughout the islands are incorporating treatments based on traditional Hawaiian practices into their… Continue »

Shop Paradise

O‘ahu is a shopper’s delight, with trendy and high-end retailers offering the latest apparel, jewelry, beauty products—such as ISLAND SOAP & CANDLE WORKS‘ deliciously scented coconut soaps and candles—and lots more. ALA MOANA CENTER, the world’s largest outdoor shopping center, boasts more than 290 restaurants and shops. Entertaining hula shows, events and performances are often… Continue »

Saddle Up

A guided HORSEBACK TOUR is a great way not only to explore out-of-the-way terrain, but also to become familiar with the lay of the land and O‘ahu’s culture. HAPPY TRAILS, located on a mountain overlooking scenic Waimea Bay, will take you through rainforest terrain on a trail that opens to panoramic ocean views. Afterward, make… Continue »

Peruse Downtown Honolulu

Honolulu, like many great cities, developed around a harbor; in fact, hono means “bay,” and lulu means “calm” in Hawaiian. Today, the ALOHA TOWER and HONOLULU HARBOR bring to mind a time when Honolulu was known as the “Crossroads of the Pacific,” filled with ships from lands far and wide—first from explorers, then merchants, and… Continue »