Land DiversionsSee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

Wander a Premier Art Museum

HONOLULU MUSEUM OF ART maintains an extensive collection of Western and Asian art, boasts a movie theater that promotes independent and international films, and hosts a monthly evening event—Art After Dark— that mixes art with nightlife. The museum’s Asian collection is one of the most important assemblages of its kind in an American museum. It… Continue »

Pick a Golf Course

O‘ahu is home to MANY GOLF COURSES. Some of them are ultra-exclusive—operated only for military personnel or private club members—while some are so busy that tee times are difficult to arrange. However, if you’re an avid golfer, playing a round or two on one of O’ahu’s many courses is an experience not to be missed!… Continue »

Enter Pineapple Country

Step off the beaten path and spend a day at DOLE PLANTATION in Wahiawa, located approximately 40 minutes from Waikiki. Get acquainted with tropical crops and hear Hawaiian folklore on the PLANTATION GARDEN walking tour, or hop aboard the bright, red-and-yellow Pineapple Express train for a tour of the fields. Trains depart every half-hour for… Continue »

Make a Jewel of a Find

The Hawaiian Islands have a tradition and mana (spiritual power) of their own, which visitors get a taste of while watching hula performances, sightseeing on tropical tours and savoring local dishes. LOCALLY INSPIRED AND CRAFTED JEWELRY offers a permanent way to transport that experience back home. You may have heard of or even seen many… Continue »

Get From A To B, Alfresco

Getting from one place to another on O‘ahu can be its own kind of adventure. O‘ahu’s vehicle rental companies can provide wheels to match any fantasy. Take a spin on a two-seater toy car with a moped engine called a “Hawaiian Luv Bug,” a cruise in a flashy exotic vehicle, or rent anything from a… Continue »

Take Home a Christmas Keepsake

While Christmas ornaments may not be the first thing that pops into your head when you think of a tropical vacation, many visitors find their way to SANTA’S PEN’S seven O‘ahu locations ( to stock up on all their holiday souvenirs. Waikiki visitors can be found at the WAIKIKI CHRISTMAS STORES (located at the Moana… Continue »