Sea AdventuresSee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

Get Acquainted with Dolphins

It’s easy to romanticize any encounter with dolphins. With mouths shaped in a perpetual smile, these graceful mammals click and whistle through the water, beckoning the adventurous to come along. Though not considered endangered, dolphins are protected by the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which dictates that humans and vessels maintain a distance of at least… Continue »

Soar in a Parasail, Roar in a Jet Ski

Whether you’re harnessed to a parasail high above the ocean or steering a Jet Ski across the water’s surface, you’ll probably be wearing a grin. These water sports are fun for everyone. If you’ve never piloted a JET SKI, instructors will help you get the hang of it. Propelled by a jet of water, Jet… Continue »

Sail a Catamaran

One way to gain a different perspective on Waikiki—and life in general—is to go sailing in a CATAMARAN. You can take a sunset jaunt, a dinner cruise or a leisurely midday sail in waters off Waikiki Beach or the Hale‘iwa shoreline. The piers off Aloha Tower host several large dinner cruise vessels, including the world’s… Continue »

Look a Shark in the Eye

Watching a school of sharks coming at you from the depths of the sea is an adrenaline-pumping moment. But that doesn’t mean you’re in danger— not if you’re in a shark cage with a crew that knows its stuff. Floating on the ocean’s surface, the shark cage provides visibility of approximately 200 feet, making it… Continue »

Sail the High Seas on a Pirate Adventure

If it’s a swashbuckling great time ye be seekin’, then hop aboard the TREASURE SEEKER, Honolulu’s newest and most exciting seafaring attraction. Berthed at Kewalo Basin, this 83-foot, three-mast galleon is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to take up to 49 passengers on a high seas voyage with HAWAII PIRATE SHIP ADVENTURES in search… Continue »