Fly in a Cozy AircraftKaua‘i

The view from a commercial jet coming in for a landing at Lihu‘e Airport is enough to make most people want more. That’s why so many Kaua‘i visitors book FLIGHT-SEEING TOURS.

For a slow-paced, affordable tour instead of the—albeit popular—buzz of a helicopter, try a FIXED-WING AIRCRAFT.

These planes come equipped with oversized windows and doors for good views of the landscape. Because these small aircraft seat between three to six passengers, tours tend to be both personal and comfortable. Contact the tour providers below to inquire about rates and availability.

And for the environmentally conscious flier, there’s the added benefit of flight seeing in an aircraft that claims to use less fuel.

Air Tour Kaua’i (808) 639-3446
AirVentures Hawai’i (808) 651-0679 or (866) 464-7864
Wings Over Kaua’i (808) 635-0815