Fly Over Historic FieldsO‘ahu

For the ultimate PEARL HARBOR experience, why not take a personalized guided tour back in time to the days immediately following the attacks of December 7, 1941?

PACIFIC WARBIRDS offers one of Hawai‘i’s best adventure tours, putting guests in the pilot’s seat (literally!) in a photo survey mission that assesses battle damage over Pearl Harbor and other attack sites. After a thorough briefing, you’re taken on

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a flight high above O‘ahu in a U.S. Navy SNJ (complete with parachute) to check out the damage caused by the Japanese sneak attack. You’ll even get to fly the plane and take photos for the G-2 Intelligence Department during this mission re-enactment.

Additional flights are available; all flights depart from Kalaeloa Airport. Call (808) 753-1346 or visit for reservations and more information.