Go Scuba or Snuba DivingKaua‘i

Beneath the waters that lap Kaua‘i’s shores, a marine environment is teeming with a rich store of secrets available only to folks who find ways to get down under. One way of doing so is strapping on an oxygen tank, which allows scuba divers to explore living coral reefs and sea caves, as well as spot large varieties of exotic fish and sea turtles.

Kaua‘i’s water temperatures are ideal for SCUBA DIVING, as they range from 72 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to the low 80s in the summer, and visibility is generally good. There are a number of popular and easily accessible scuba sites around the island. SHERATON CAVERNS off Po‘ipu is known for its mythical ledges that go as deep as 60 feet and are home to sea turtles, sharks and eels. TUNNELS BEACH on the North Shore boasts some of the most extraordinary aquatic life in the world, and its unique double reef and caverns make for spectacular underwater views.

You can set out on your own if you have the gear or certification or, more likely, you’ll want to book a trip with one of the island’s scuba diving operators who know the water and ins and outs of the activity. Charter dive companies offer guided tours and courses in certification, and many local dive shops also offer more advanced courses. If you’ve got the time, and the inclination, you can even work toward full certification, or C-card, which is good indefinitely and honored worldwide.

Seasoned divers might want to consider a trip to the waters off NI‘IHAU, Kaua‘i’s sister island.

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