Party On, On the OceanO‘ahu

It’s one thing to spend the day on the sandy shores of Waikiki; it’s a whole other thing to cruise on the ocean as the waves sway you out to sea.

In Waikiki, daytime cruises are a popular activity for those looking for an unbeatable view of the Waikiki shoreline. If a daytime or sunset ocean adventure sounds right down your alley, try a catamaran

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cruise with libations and a view.

There are several companies that offer these (often called, the “sunset cruise”), including MAITA‘I CATAMARAN, ALI‘I KAI CATAMARAN and outrigger catamaran. Hop aboard right from a location on Waikiki Beach, and cruise for about an hour, sipping on delicious drinks and enjoying good company and great scenery along the way. 

Ali‘I Kai Catamaran (808) 539-9400