Sail the High Seas on a Pirate AdventureO‘ahu

If it’s a swashbuckling great time ye be seekin’, then hop aboard the TREASURE SEEKER, Honolulu’s newest and most exciting seafaring attraction.

Berthed at Kewalo Basin, this 83-foot, three-mast galleon is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to take up to 49 passengers on a high seas voyage with HAWAII PIRATE SHIP ADVENTURES in search of treasure off the shores of Waikiki.

Guests brave enough to come aboard will be asked to help Captain Smiling Jack Straw

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and his scurvy crew of misfit pirates fight off booty hunters, put in stocks, fire thundering water cannons and, if yer lucky, find buried treasure!

To help ye dress the part, Treasure Seeker comes equipped with temporary tattoos, pirate gear and swords. Each adventure also includes snacks and refreshments, T-shirts and photos with the captain and crew.

For full information on voyage schedules, rates and departure times, call (808) 593-AHOY (808-593-2469) or visit