Soar in a GliderO‘ahu

It’s a feel-good experience at DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD in Mokule‘ia on O‘ahu’s North shore, where HANA HOU AIR offers both scenic flights and mini-pilot instruction on engine-free gliders. Hana Hou’s 20-minute glider flights soar along the majestic Wai‘anae Mountain range and takes in the beauty of the Mokule‘ia coastline, where crystal-clear waters come into view. HONOLULU SOARING CLUB ( also offers piloted, scenic, small-plane flights for one to two passengers out of Dillingham Airport on the North shore. Check its site for pricing and offerings.

Typically, a glider will be attached to a long rope and towed into the sky by a conventionally powered plane. At the desired altitude, the

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rope is released and the glider begins its engine-free flight.

Gliders are suited to Hawai‘i’s incoming trade winds, which offer ideal soaring conditions year-round. And with no engines to gulp gas, they are the ultimate eco-friendly flying machines. Great soaring spots include the east side of the island in the Makapu‘u Lighthouse vicinity.

You’ll find other exciting hang gliding, paragliding, kite surfing and ultralight air experiences around the island. some provides to get you stated include: HANG GLIDING HAWAII ( for motor-powered hang gliding; and for ultralight flying, PARADISE AIR HAWAII (