Strum an ‘UkuleleKaua‘i

Inspired by EDDIE VEDDER‘s ‘Ukulele Songs? Think you could be the next JAKE SHIMABUKURO? Or just want to be able to strum along to songs such as “Sitting, Waiting, Wishing” by JACK JOHNSON or IZ‘s version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow?”

Check out LOCAL MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SHOPS throughout the Garden Isle to try strumming this four-stringed instrument yourself and even buy your own uke to take home with you.

As for the history of the ‘UKULELE (pronounced “oo-koo-leh-leh,” not “you-ka-lay-lay”), it arrived in Hawai‘i with Portuguese immigrants in the late 1800s, along with malasadas and sweet bread. Since then, the ‘ukulele has been a key part of kanikapila (backyard jam sessions) and popular Hawaiian tunes.

Buy an ‘ukulele at LARRY’S MUSIC CENTER or KAUA‘I MUSIC & SOUND, both located in KAPA‘A. If you’re already an expert, both stores offer handmadein-Hawai‘i versions; if you’re new to the instrument, they also have entry-level instruments from a variety of makers. Both stores also offer music books that will help you learn songs to impress your friends.