Take an Open-Cockpit FlightO‘ahu

Don a cloth helmet, goggles and white silk scarf, and step back in time in the open cockpit of a fully restored 1941 BOEING STEARMAN BIPLANE. A romantically reminiscent flight, tours can be designed to meet the imagination and desires of passengers.

Biplanes carry only one passenger, who will sit in the front cockpit; the pilot occupies the rear seat. The open cockpit assures riders a window seat perfect for cameras and camcorders, and the stagger-wing design allows an unobstructed view of the wonders below.

A biplane also is ideal for aerobatics. The adventurous

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can try loops, rolls, figure eights, split S’s and more, and will find these maneuvers amazingly smooth and gentle in a Stearman.

STEARMAN BIPLANE RIDES has two Boeing planes that offer stunning aerial tours of the North Shore coastline. Take a 20-minute tour above sites like Waimea Bay and Sacred Falls. Or, venture within miles of historic battleships and take the one-hour combo tour that follows the route the Japanese took to Pearl Harbor on that fateful historic day.

All flights take off from Dillingham Airfield.

Stearman Biplane Rides (808) 637-4461