Try an Ocean Encounter of a Different KindO‘ahu

You’ve tried surfing, bodyboarding and SUP. And while snorkeling was great, you just want more.

From scuba diving and parasailing to flying in a jet pack, jumping on a water trampoline or riding a banana sled, outfits around the island have made it easy for you to get creative with your water fun.

Located at Hawai‘i Kai Shopping Center, mere minutes from Hanauma Bay, H2O SPORTS takes you high above and down below the blue waters of the Pacific. Choose from scuba diving, parasailing, banana boat rides, bumper boats and the new JETLEV FLIGHT EXPERIENCE. This is the only place in Hawai‘i where you can ride this

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water-propelled jet pack.

Or, for some family entertainment, try tubing at KOKO MARINA. If you want to join your kids in some water-related fun, Koko Marina offers banana and bumper rides for the whole family. The banana ride is an inflatable raft that fits six upright passengers; bumper tubes hold three passengers lying down. Either way, expect to get wet—both involve passengers being pulled behind Jet Skis through waves at fast speeds. Koko Marina is located in Hawai‘i Kai.

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