Zip Kaua‘iKaua‘i

With its uneven terrain and tangled jungle canopy, Kaua‘i’s backcountry is a natural setting for ZIPLINING.

A thrill ride above the treetops, ziplining is a wild, let-yourself-go experience that calls for shrieking from beginning to end. Simply put, a zipline is a cable stretched between poles. Harnessed to the cable, zipliners sail through the treetops, dip into valleys, drop into water holes and generally do their best imitation of a James Bond escape.

OUTFITTERS KAUA‘I brought ziplines to the island several years ago. Now, six companies on Kaua‘i run zipline courses combined with other high-energy adventures, including the island’s newest zipline operation, SKYLINE ECO-ADVENTURES. Anyone looking for a rush that’s safe and only mildly addictive won’t be disappointed with a ride on a zipline.

Outfitters Kaua’i (808) 742-9667
Just Live! Zipline Tours (808) 482-1295
Skyline Eco-Adventures (808) 878-8400
Kaua’i Backcountry Adventures (808) 245-2506
Princeville Ranch Adventures (808) 826-7669
Koloa Zipline (808) 742-2894