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Known for its small-town charm, Hilo’s bustling ART SCENE is often overlooked. But if you know where to look, you’ll find a smattering of talents, from local emerging artists to international entertainers.

One such place to catch a show is PALACE THEATER. The Palace opened its doors at 38 Haili St. in 1925 during the heyday of American movie palaces. It was originally part of a small family of theaters owned and operated by Adam C. Baker, and was the GRANDEST THEATER ON ALL THE ISLANDS. What differentiated The Palace from all other theaters in Hawai‘i was that its structure was built entirely of redwood, which was imported from the Pacific Northwest, and its façade was an elegant, neo-classical design executed in stucco with wood molding accents.

The Palace has received a major facelift in recent years, with restoration and rehabilitation of its stage floor, office lobbies, projection room, backstage, roof and upgrades to the theater’s lighting and electrical equipment.

Visit or call 808- 934-7010 to see what’s on the bill.

Another Hilo institution for art is EAST HAWAI‘I CULTURAL CENTER. The EHCC is home to an alliance of arts and cultural organizations, and includes THREE PUBLIC GALLERIES that host local, national and international invitational art exhibits; a second- fl oor performance space that serves as an ART STUDIO, “black box” theater and one of the best DANCE FLOORS on the island; and a GIFT SHOP featuring locally created art and artifacts.

For general information , visit or call 808-961-5711.

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