Find Eden In Waipi‘o Valley

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Located north of Honoka‘a on the Hāmākua Coast, WAIPI‘O VALLEY is the largest and southernmost of the seven valleys on the windward side of the Kohala Mountains. Measuring a mile wide at the coast and almost 6 miles deep, the EDEN-LIKE VALLEY is sheltered by cliffs reaching almost 2,000 feet. WATERFALLS and flowers cascade from the walls of the cliffs, and a stunning BLACK-SAND BEACH defines the coastal area.

Waipi‘o is known as the “VALLEY OF THE KINGS” because it once was home to many ancient HAWAIIAN RULERS and is said to be the place where King Kamehameha the Great received his training.

Reaching Waipi‘o is difficult. Access is limited to four-wheel-drive vehicles; most car rental companies prohibit use of their vehicles on the steep road.

The most convenient and accessible view of the valley is from the scenic point at the end of Route 40, about 10 miles outside of Honoka‘a. You may also opt to see the splendor of the valley from HORSEBACK via various stables that provide horseback tours.

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