Go Wine Tasting In Paradise

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Imagine enjoying the fresh air and peaceful views of MAUNA LOA at 4,000 feet above sea level, with A GLASS OF WINE IN HAND . For those with a taste for the exotic, VOLCANO WINERY can turn this dream into reality.

Created in 1986 by retired veterinarian Lynn “Doc” McKinney, HAWAI‘I ISLAND’S WINERY creates and bottles its own varietals of vintages inspired by volcanic fi re and the bounty of the islands. Doc passed the torch to friend Del Bothof in 1999, and today the family-owned business continues to thrive with its line of AWARD-WINNING WINES made with aloha.

Tropical fruits, like yellow guava and jaboticaba berry, are blended with traditional wine grapes and transformed into vibrant creations available nowhere else in the world. And its MACADAMIA NUT HONEY WINE, made from blossoms of the macadamia nut tree, is a sweet, after- dinner treat that is a favorite among kama‘āina (locals) and visitors alike. Those with a more traditional palate are welcome to sample an ESTATE CAYUGA WHITE, or Volcano Winery’s SYMPHONY MELE of pure grape white wines. Red wine lovers also will delight in the lush PINOT NOIR. Or partake in a SPECIALTY INFUSION TEA WINE , a recent addition made with leaves from tea plants grown at the winery as well.

Volcano Winery is located at 35 Pi‘i Mauna Drive at the 30-mile marker in Volcano, near the golf course. It is open every day, except Christmas. Visit volcanowinery.com.

VOLCANO WINERY 808-967-7772