Ride The Swells In An Ocean Raft

Big IslandSea Adventures

Riding the swells of the great Pacific tucked away safely in a POWERED RIGID-HULL INFLATABLE BOAT is an experience that puts a whole new perspective on an adventure at sea. Commonly called OCEAN RAFTS, these stable, high-performance boats resemble rescue crafts, which is one thing they’re used for. They’re also used for fun and adventure.

Typically carrying no more than 35 passengers, a rafting trip almost always includes SNORKEL STOPS in Kealakekua and Hōnaunau bays. In a raft, you can enter sea caves and lava tubes and get a good look at dolphins, sea turtles and whales. The waters off the South Kona coast are among the calmest in the state, which makes rafting here generally comfortable.

Most rafting tours depart from Honokōhau Marina near Kailua-Kona, and travel along the Kona Coast to snorkeling destinations; DOLPHIN DISCOVERIES (dolphindiscoveries. com) launches from Keauhou Bay, the closest boat harbor to the island’s most-coveted snorkeling sites. Morning and afternoon tours are available, and generally take three or four hours to complete. Some boats are equipped with canopies, for shade, and ladders, to provide water access. DOLPHIN DISCOVERIES 808-322-8000

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