Schmooze with the Dolphins

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There’s something spellbinding about squinting into the Pacific and spying a POD OF WILD DOLPHINS spinning like shiny toy tops out of a sun-polished sea. These marine mammals may appear out of the blue and put on a show for you. And when they do, there’s an almost

with them.

A number of Hawai‘i Island TOUR BOAT COMPANIES understand that urge, and provide the opportunity to do so. Most follow regulatory guidelines developed to safeguard dolphins, as well as humans.

DOLPHIN DISCOVERIES ( pioneered Hawai‘i Island dolphin swims more than 15 years ago, developing the guidelines currently in use by most companies that offer dolphin tours. The company specializes in small group tours, and their guides are trained marine-mammal naturalists.

Dolphin sightings are guaranteed on HAWAI‘I NAUTICAL’S ( Guaranteed Catamaran Snorkel Lunch (guaranty is of re-rides only, no refunds). DOLPHIN DISCOVERIES 808-322-8000 HAWAI‘I NAUTICAL 808-234-7245

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