Buy Kaua‘i-Made ProductsKaua‘i

Take the guesswork out of buying local products and simply look for a purple-and-green “KAUA‘I MADE” logo— it’s the shopper’s assurance that you’re buying the real thing.

In an effort to support local producers and help shoppers find authentic KAUA‘I-MADE PRODUCTS, the county’s Office of Economic Development organized island vendors and retailers under one umbrella to help market their products.

To use the “Kaua‘i Made” logo, producers first must be certified. Then, they may display the label proudly on their vast array of wares, which include everything from ice cream, cookies and jellies (like AUNTY LILIKO‘I’S scrumptious passion fruit jellies and butters!), to mustard, salad dressings, granola and coffee.

• AUNTY LILIKO‘I (808) 338-1296 OR (866) 545-4564
SALTY WAHINE (808) 378-4089