Food, Fun & After DarkSee all 101 Things To Do on the Big Island!

Roast Your Own Custom Label

Stop for a cup of coffee and a chat at UESHIMA COFFEE (UCC HAWAII), a picturesque coffee estate just north of Holualoa Village. The 26- acre hillside property is crowned with a grand view of Kailua-Kona and the sparkling Pacific Ocean. Experience the centuries-old art of coffee roasting with the company’s signature ROASTMASTER TOUR, where… Continue »

Sip Organic

The LARGEST ORGANIC COFFEE FARM in the United States is located 3,200 feet above sea level in a mist-cooled rainforest about 7 miles from Kailua-Kona. Here, Trent Bateman, a mainland transplant who left a career in engineering to come to Hawai‘i, is growing AWARD-WINNING KONA COFFEE on his farm, and breaking all the rules. For… Continue »

Discover the Elegant Mac Nut

More than a century ago, a Big Island sugar plantation manager introduced MACADAMIA NUTS to the island. Although native to Australian rainforests, mac nuts thrived in Hawai‘i, and the state became the site of the world’s first commercial plantations. Today, these delicious, hard-shelled nuts are one of Hawai‘i Island’s largest crops. Macadamia nuts aren’t picked… Continue »

Go Wine Tasting in Paradise

Imagine enjoying the fresh air and peaceful views of MAUNA LOA at 4,000 feet above sea level, A GLASS OF WINE IN HAND. For those with a taste for the exotic, VOLCANO WINERY can turn this dream into reality. Created in 1986 by retired veterinarian Lynn “Doc” McKinney, HAWAI‘I ISLAND’S WINERY creates and bottles its… Continue »

Savor Shortbread Cookies and other Sweets

The Hawaiian Islands, where CACAO (the bean harvested to make CHOCOLATE) is grown, are a decadent destination for chocoholics and sweets lovers of all ages and tastes. There are many BIG ISLAND-BASED CHOCOLATIERS AND CANDY MAKERS to provide you with a delicious souvenir—if you don’t eat these goodies before your flight home! KAILUA CANDY COMPANY,… Continue »

Enter the Shave Ice Debate

SHAVE ICE—it’s not your average snow cone. Debates rage over which shack, shop or stand has the most finely shaven ice or perfectly crafted syrup. From haupia (coconut) to li hing mui (a salty, dried plum) to strawberry, shave ice flavors can be selected to fit anyone’s taste buds, making this icy treat the perfect… Continue »

Explore the Local Foodie Scene

One of the best ways to get acquainted with a new location is through its food, and Hawai‘i’s unique, multi-ethnic culinary scene is a perfect reflection of the melting pot of cultures that call the Hawaiian Islands home. At SAM CHOY’S KAI LANAI, a stunning 230-degree view of the Pacific stretches out in a beautiful… Continue »

Experience ‘Big Island Magic’

Located inside King’s Grille at WAIKOLOA BEACH RESORT, KONA KOZY’S COMEDY & MAGIC SHOW is a one-of-a-kind comedy magic show that opened in 2013. It quickly became a No. 1-rated Big Island attraction on Catering to tourists and locals alike, the show has been overwhelmingly acclaimed a winner. Multiple award-winning comedy magician Kona Kozy… Continue »

Eat Lunch Hawai‘i-Style

The PLATE LUNCH is a quintessential part of Hawaiian cuisine. Two parts rice, one part macaroni salad and one part meat, these large meals cover the basics and sometimes even all three daily meals. Even better, their prices rival those of any typical fast-food joint found on Hawai‘i. Just pick up a plate lunch, plop… Continue »

See Chocolate Made from Bean to Bar

Ever wondered what goes into making that magical treat called CHOCOLATE? Luckily for visitors to Hawai‘i Island, Kona boasts not only COFFEE FARMS but also a one-stop field-to-bar experience, the ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN CHOCOLATE FACTORY. While CACAO isn’t endemic to Hawai‘i, the same Kona slopes that are ideal for coffee growing also are perfect for harvesting… Continue »