Sea AdventuresSee all 101 Things To Do on the Big Island!

Dive Hawai‘i’s Waters

MAUNA LOA is the world’s largest active volcano and one of two volcanic peaks that dominate Hawai‘i Island; in fact, Mauna Loa, which means “LONG MOUNTAIN” in Hawaiian, spreads over half of the island! From sea level, Mauna Loa reaches 13,680 feet in height, but when measured from its base at the ocean floor, this… Continue »

Land a Winner

SPORT FISHING on the Kona Coast is big business. Many anglers come to pursue the storied 1,000-pound Pacific blue marlin and other hefty catches of broadbill swordfish, yellowfin tuna, and mahimahi. Since water depths drop off to 6,000 feet just a few miles offshore and continue to get deeper as you head out to sea,… Continue »

Track the Underwater Kingdom

Hawai‘i Island’s cerulean waters are teeming with life. LIVING CORAL can be found in 57 percent of the waters surrounding the island—the highest percentage in the main Hawaiian Islands. Where there’s coral, there are fish, and there are island TOUR-BOAT COMPANIES SPECIALIZING IN UNDERWATER VIEWS. ATLANTIS ADVENTURES has a 65-foot, air-conditioned SUBMARINE with 26 large… Continue »

Learn to Snuba

You’ve seen the photographs and films of colorful reef fish undulating in the warm, deep-blue ocean currents, and now you want to experience the sensation of meandering alongside them. But diving with heavy tanks seems a bit much, and snorkeling only scratches the surface. There is a compromise.SNUBA, invented in 1988, is a dive experience… Continue »

Catch a Wave

Legends about SURFING are found in the earliest stories of ancient Hawai‘i. Around A.D. 400, a form of BELLY-BOARDING on small wooden planks was introduced. Later, Tahitian explorers brought their tradition of riding waves with canoes. The Hawaiians merged the two techniques to create the “sport of kings.” Learning how to surf is a rewarding… Continue »

Ride the Swells in an Ocean Raft

Riding the swells of the great Pacific tucked away safely in a POWERED RIGID-HULL INFLATABLE BOAT is an experience that puts a whole new perspective on an adventure at sea. Commonly called OCEAN RAFTS, these stable, high-performance boats resemble rescue crafts, which is one thing they’re used for. They’re also used for fun and adventure…. Continue »

Go Sea Breeze Sailing

One of the best ways to fully experience the fabled attributes of sailing the KONA COAST is to BOOK A TOUR on a CATAMARAN or SAILBOAT. It is a fine place to sail, protected as it is from the blustery east-northeast trade winds by the volcanic mountain slopes. The mountains create a wind shadow, or… Continue »

Rent a Power Boat

When Mother Nature set out to design Hawai‘i Island, she came up with 10 DISTINCT CLIMATE ZONES ranging from tundra to tropical forest—and she saved the best for the KONA COAST. In the summer, less than an inch of rain falls a month; in the winter, that changes only marginally to 1 to 3 inches… Continue »

Go Ocean Kayaking

OCEAN KAYAKING is a great way to slip away from the crowds and get lost in the irresistible tug of nature. Whether you RENT A KAYAK to go or BOOK A GUIDED TOUR with an activity company, expect to move through some of the island’s most-inviting seascapes and abundant marine life. It’s possible to rent… Continue »

Schmooze with the Dolphins

There’s something spellbinding about squinting into the Pacific and spying a pod of WILD DOLPHINS spinning like shiny toy tops out of a sun-polished sea. These marine mammals may appear out of the blue and put on a show for you. And when they do, there’s an almost irresistible urge to get in the water… Continue »