Food, Fun & After DarkSee all 101 Things To Do on O‘ahu!

Ride Like a VIP

Owning a boat is a hard-earned luxury anywhere, but the feel of slicing through waves on a luxurious yacht, sails taut in the ocean breeze, bare feet on a padded sundeck? You may not have had the chance to sail out on your personal yacht, but you can still make that feeling come true. One… Continue »

Taste the Rainbow State

O‘ahu has seen a surge in OPEN-AIR MARKETS in recent years, with new locations cropping up nearly every weekend. The trend toward sustainability and living off the ‘aina (land) isn’t new—Native Hawaiians developed a system of land management known as an ahupua‘a where an entire village utilized resources found from mauka (the mountains) to makai… Continue »

Treat Your Tastebuds

Foodies in the know oftentimes skip the lu‘au buffet tables in favor of the culturally diverse feast the islands have to offer, from fresh sushi and sashimi to tasty malasadas and cream puffs. One of the most interesting gastronomical finds is the prevalence of SPAM—Hawai‘i residents consume the most of this canned meat per capita… Continue »

Sip On Local Brews

Craft brew fever is taking over the nation, and while Hawai‘i isn’t necessarily known as a brewery hub, there are some places for beer fans to sip some local flavor, enjoy a pub experience and even find out what’s distilling on the island. Beer fans probably already know about MAUI BREWING CO. (located at Waikiki… Continue »

Discover New Vintages

If you’re spending the day in Kailua—or if you’re looking for a relaxed yet refined spot to sip some wines—head to D’VINE WINE KAILUA. This new wine bar offers more than 32 bottles of wine set to customized self-serve machines for the ultimate wine tasting experience. Guests use re-loadable cards that allow them to satisfy… Continue »

Spark Up The Romance

Hawai‘i’s breathtaking beauty has made it a sought after honeymoon destination for lovebirds around the world. There are numerous romantic spots around the island to sneak a HONI (Hawaiian for kiss) with your sweetheart: TANTALUS DRIVE, a winding, hilltop road in Honolulu with romantic views of the valley and Honolulu skyline; SUNSET BEACH on the… Continue »

Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise

Honolulu’s city lights are etched in the memories of thousands of travelers. One of the best ways to savor the view is from the deck of one of several seagoing vessels that travel O‘ahu’s shoreline every evening. Vessels range from small catamarans and yachts to larger craft that can carry hundreds of guests. Dinner menus… Continue »

Frolic on Friday Night

On the first Friday of each month, the hustle and bustle on CHINATOWN streets moves to galleries, restaurants and nightspots. Called FIRST FRIDAY, the popular event made its debut several years ago and continues to draw crowds. At 6 p.m., there is a live music performance on the lawn of HAWAI‘I STATE ART MUSEUM. In… Continue »

Discover The Wonders of Hula

In its authentic form, HULA is the most powerful expression of indigenous Hawaiian culture that exists. The chants that give meaning to the dance and music are, in essence, the oral history of Hawai‘i’s native people. Passed down from one kumu hula (hula teacher) to another, the stories have survived Western contact, early missionary censure,… Continue »

Drift Through Chinatown

A hub for the art scene, local nightlife and of course, Chinese fare, CHINATOWN offers a taste of a city built on a multicultural foundation. Catch the action at O‘AHU MARKET, known for the best sashimi (raw fish) in town, where you’re likely to see chefs from local restaurants bickering for choice fish, meats and… Continue »