Detour for Ke‘anae PeninsulaMaui

The KE‘ANAE PENINSULA is an isolated and wildly beautiful place where the surf pounds against jagged lava rocks that edge a gnarly coastline. Turn left on Hana Highway, a half-mile past mile marker 16. This is a detour that won’t disappoint and, as luck would have it, boasts public restrooms.

Ke‘anae was almost destroyed in 1946 when a tsunami hit the area, killing 20 children and four teachers. The only structure left standing was the KE‘ANAE CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, which remains today. The church, which dates to 1860, is the centerpiece of this predominately Hawaiian community, where taro fields and free-range livestock dot the landscape.

The KE‘ANAE LANDING FRUIT STAND is a tempting stop for smoothies and banana bread.

Nearby KE‘ANAE ARBORETUM is located in a tropical forest setting on leveled terraces built hundreds of years ago by Hawaiians for taro cultivation. A short, relatively flat asphalt walkway travels through the arboretum, but no guided walks or facilities are available.

To find the arboretum, take Highway 360, a little more than half a mile past mile marker 16. Parking is on the side of the road near the arboretum sign.

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