Dive Hawai‘i’s WatersBig Island

MAUNA LOA is the world’s largest active volcano and one of two volcanic peaks that dominate Hawai‘i Island; in fact, Mauna Loa, which means “LONG MOUNTAIN” in Hawaiian, spreads over half of the island! From sea level, Mauna Loa reaches 13,680 feet in height, but when measured from its base at the ocean floor, this mammoth of a mountain clocks in at 30,080 feet.

This great bulk of underwater expanse is today a scuba diver’s fantasy of LAVA FLOWS, SUBMERGED CAVES, CANYONS, CLIFFS AND COLORFUL CORAL REEFS. Indeed, diving the ocean off the KONA/KOHALA COAST is a world-class experience that stands out for its relatively young lava formations with walls, archways, lava tubes and abundant marine life.

Charter dive companies offer guided tours and certification courses. Some include SCUBA SPECIALTY COURSES like photography and videography.

Looking for a more advanced dive? KONA HONU DIVERS offers a black water night dive that takes you miles offshore where you hang suspended from a 60 foot tether over 4,000 feet of water to watch open ocean and pelagic animals drift by.

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