Drift Along the Ocean by MoonlightMaui

SUNSET CRUISES are synonymous with Hawai‘i’s inevitable sense of romance, and you’re in luck, because sundown boat excursions are abundant on the Magic Isle. Whether you and your loved one crave cocktails on a catamaran or a romantic, candlelit dinner on a private yacht, you’ll find a moonlit trip tailored to your desired level of romance and relaxation. Our suggestion? Consult ALI‘I NUI, HAWAI‘I OCEAN PROJECT and discover your ideal nighttime adventure.

You’d be surprised by what comes out to play in Maui’s TIDE POOLS when the moon is up. This is the kingdom of BRITTLE STARS, URCHINS, OCTOPI, SHRIMP, SNAILS AND JUVENILE FISH—nocturnal species that have developed unique characteristics, like stalked eyes for night vision.

A great way to get acquainted with these absorbing sea critters is to sign up for the PACIFIC WHALE FOUNDATION’S POPULAR FULL-MOON TIDE POOL EXPLORATION PROGRAM. Advance reservations are required. Visit pacificwhale.org for details.

You don’t need any special equipment to explore a tide pool. Because tide pools serve as nurseries for young reef fish, it’s ecologically unwise to collect these fish for the fun of it. It’s smart, however, to WEAR REEF SHOES or some sort of foot protection, because the exposed lava rock is often slippery and sharp. Don’t walk in tide pools or touch their inhabitants, because you may harm or frighten away the creatures that live there. A flashlight will come in handy.

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