Experience a Night Flight Over a VolcanoBig Island

A NIGHT FLIGHT OVER A SIMMERING VOLCANO is an eerie and spectacular sight, and BIG ISLAND AIR is the only tour operator in Hawai‘i that conducts volcano flights after the sun goes down.

From a seat in the company’s jet prop CE-208 Cessna Caravan, surface lava takes on higher definition. And from the sky, you’re likely to see some NATURAL FIREWORKS when liquefied rock, heated to 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, steams out of a lava tube and hits the ocean.

For a safe ride, the aircraft is equipped with a sophisticated ground-proximity warning system, global positioning and traffic collision avoidance systems, including onboard weather and terrain mapping radar.

Weather permitting, tours are offered daily and depart from Kona International Airport.

Big Island Air (808) 329-4868