Explore Molokini’s WatersMaui

Set your gaze to the ocean horizon on Maui’s south shore, and there, about 3 miles off in the distance, you’ll spot the half-sunken cinder cone MOLOKINI, a world-class snorkel and dive location that can be reached only by boat.

TOURS DEPART DAILY from Lahaina, Kihei and Ma‘alaea harbors for the short trip to this resource-laden wonderland. Molokini’s crescent shape acts as a fortress that provides protection from waves and powerful currents. And its status as a MARINE LIFE AND BIRD CONSERVATION DISTRICT gives shelter to approximately 250 species of fish, some of which are found nowhere else on Earth.

Most days the water is crystal clear, with more than 100 feet of visibility. Expect to see HUMPBACK WHALES in the winter months, as well as GREEN SEA TURTLES, MONK SEALS, EAGLE RAYS, SHARKS, RAINBOW-COLORED FISH and fascinating LAVA FORMATIONS any other day of the year.

The island itself is off limits to humans, and no fishing is allowed in the immediate area. Guides will insist that you do not feed the marine life or approach endangered sea turtles or seals.

TIP: The backside of the crater, where the crowds tend to thin out, and the back wall drops sharply to depths of 300 feet, is a great spot to bond with nature. At the center is a lush reef with excellent viewing. Another favorite destination is TURTLE TOWN, which is (you guessed it) home to a large colony of green sea turtles.

Most boat companies, such as MAUI CLASSIC CHARTERS’ Four Winds II, make a party out of a trip to Molokini. They carry snorkeling and diving gear, provide instruction and offer breakfast or lunch, and sometimes a bar. You can cruise aboard a catamaran, a powered raft or a sailboat.

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