Get a Little Culture with the KeikiKaua‘i

Let’s face it—KIDS can only build so many sand castles before they start running off to new adventures. Keep an eye on your keiki—or take time off from your watch—with one of several island outlets ranging from exploration of an operational cattle ranch to movie time by the pool.

CLASSES AT NA KEIKI O KA ‘AINA: Kids can immerse themselves in Polynesian culture at The Children of the Land, Na Keiki o Ka ‘Aina.

THE POLYNESIAN CULTURE CENTER, located at Kauai Village Shopping Center (next to Papaya’s) offers HULA AND TAHITIAN DRUMMING classes. For more information, visit

KIDS’ ADVENTURE CENTER AT PRINCEVILLE RANCH: If you’re driving your kids up the wall with your desire to just kick back and read a book, drop them off at PRINCEVILLE RANCH for their own adrenaline- and fun-filled time. This beautiful North Shore ranch has a tour for kids involving everything from PONY RIDES to BUG COLLECTING to HAWAIIAN STORY TIME.

At ANAINA HOU COMMUNITY PARK, enjoy 18-holes of fun MINIATURE GOLF set within a lush educational Hawaiian botanical gardens, hike or mountain bike the Wai Koa Loop trail to the historic Stone Dam and relax on their playground and skate ramps.

ST. REGIS PRINCEVILLE offers its YOUNG VOYAGERS CLUB for guests, which organizes meaningful activities and EXCURSIONS FOR KIDS AND ADULTS around the island. Lots of hotels have similar offerings. You’ll also often find FREE MOVIE SCREENINGS, events and FESTIVALS throughout Kaua‘i for keiki. Check with your concierge for suggestions.