Get Hooked on ScrapbookingMaui

What do you do when your husband has headed off to his third tee time in three days? That’s easy. Pack up your Maui photos and go SCRAPBOOKING.

ISLAND PAPERIE is a local company that offers the world’s largest selection of Hawai‘i-designed scrappin’ goods. In fact, the company produces more than 3,000 of its own HAWAI‘I-DESIGNED SCRAPBOOKING PAPERS, as well as tropical laser cuts, Hawaiian stamps and stencils.

If you’re new to scrapbooking, here’s a hint: It’s a great way to capture your trip on paper and keep memories fresh for years to come. While scrapbooking, you mount pages of memorabilia (photos, ticket stubs, etc.) on carefully selected background paper and embellish them with all manner of decorative accessories.

After picking up scrapbooking supplies at Island Paperie, head to a nearby coffee shop to cozy up and start creating.

Island Paperie is located a mere minute away from the airport at 395 Dairy Road, across from Mr. Pineapple.

Island Paperie (808) 298-8515