Get in the Hot SeatBig Island

Madame Pele, the legendary HAWAIIAN VOLCANO GODDESS, continues to stay active from her home inside her favorite volcano, KILAUEA. Things may have changed by the time you read this, but the eruption continues at the summit and at the East Rift zone. Thankfully, the flow is not a threat to neighboring communities.

When fiery-hot lava, sometimes boiling at 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit, collides with cool seawater, the impact is staggering. Picture a powerful grenade that explodes into a fountain of steam and hurls volcanic debris every which way.

There are several ways to get in on the excitement of Kilauea’s activity. LAVA BOAT TOURS have become a popular attraction when the flows head to the sea. Boat companies like LAVA OCEAN TOURS will be ready to ferry passengers to a front-row seat. Meanwhile, there are alternate tours that offer safe viewing, including hiking, biking and nocturnal helicopter flights.

A 9.6-mile bike ride will get you to the show. BIKEVOLCANO. COM has designed a tour that provides exhilarating views of surface level lava entering the ocean and getting as close as safely possible to active lava flows (volcano depending).

Or take to the sky for a panoramic view of molten lava burning and oozing over black lava fields. BIG ISLAND AIR conducts night flights, and PARADISE HELICOPTERS flies over the volcano in a chopper without doors, while BLUE HAWAIIAN HELICOPTERS and other providers offer equal excitement.

KAPOHOKINE ADVENTURES offers LAVA EXPEDITIONS that aren’t for the faint of heart. Expeditions begin in either Kona or Hilo and involve a hike to get to the lava flow, but once you reach your destination, nothing can compare to feeling the heat as you watch liquid rock flow past. Afterwards, relax, and let your guide do the driving.

Lava flow updates can be found on HAWAI‘I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK site ( and, or by calling (808) 967-8862.

Big Island Air (808) 329-4868 (808) 934-9199
Blue Hawaiian Helicopters Hilo (808) 961-5600 or Waikoloa (808) 886-1768
KapohoKine Adventures (866) 965-9552 or (808) 964-1000
Keikana Tours (808) 895-4181
Lava Ocean Tours (808) 966-4200
Paradise Helicopters (808) 969-7392
Roberts Hawaii (808) 839-9400 Or (800) 831-5541
Safari Helicopters (808) 969-1259