Get Schooled on Maui CoffeeMaui

Once you’re hooked on COFFEE GROWN IN HAWAI‘I, it’s hard to live without it. There are residents who never leave the islands without a bag or two tucked in their luggage. The aroma, when it escapes from the bag, is as much the scent of the islands as the salty smell of the ocean or the sweet fragrance of plumeria.

Not a lot of coffee is grown on Maui; Hawai‘i Island, home of KONA COFFEE, claims the bulk of Hawai‘i’s coffee growers. But if you watch for the label MAUIGROWN COFFEE COMPANY, you can count on Maui beans.

MauiGrown Coffee is grown on the KA‘ANAPALI ESTATE, a 500-acre plantation in the West Maui Mountains. Its trees yield several varieties of ARABICA COFFEE.

While you’re here, treat yourself to FREE COFFEE SAMPLING on the estate, where you can sample Mauiand Kona-grown varieties and see pictures of how the coffee is picked, pulped, washed, dried, milled, bagged and ground from field to cup. The store is located at 277 Lahainaluna
Road in Lahaina, next to the old Pioneer Mill Smokestack. After a taste, you won’t be able to resist picking up some of Maui’s homegrown beans for yourself. Visit

MAUIGROWN COFFEE (808) 661-2728