Go Ghost HuntingO‘ahu

According to Hawaiian legend, NIGHTMARCHERS are the ghosts of ancient warriors who forever wander the lands of Hawai‘i. They are most easily spotted by their shining torches and frequent places where large battles took place.

If you do run into nightmarchers, don’t interrupt their march, and don’t make a sound. If you’re brave—or reckless, some would say—and want to search out commonly reported sightings, the Pali Highway at night is a good

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start. It runs along the old battle site of the famous Kamehameha battle.

The guides at O‘AHU GHOST TOURS (808-524-4944) know all about these Hawaiian ancestors and where the local spirits hang out—and they aren’t afraid to take you there.

The first option is a walking tour that introduces participants to the ghostly stories of the city’s historic places. The second is a driving tour of eerie sites where bad things once occurred.