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Loosely translated, a LU‘AU is a BIG FEAST with a lot of SINGING, DANCING AND FESTIVITIES. Backyard lu‘au have been part of the Hawaiian culture for centuries and are ingrained with the Makahiki festival: a time of great celebration marking the start of the harvest season and a new year in ancient times.

Today, commercial lu‘au have developed with the tourist trade, and are major resort attractions.

Lu‘au entertainment is almost always homegrown and showcases the considerable performance skills of hundreds of singers, dancers and more. Dinner also is a prime exhibition of the islands’ best, with a traditional main course of kalua pig that’s slow-roasted all day in an imu (underground oven), and then unearthed just before the meal.

At POLYNESIAN CULTURAL CENTER, experience a modern spin on the traditional lu‘au experience. In addition to staples like kalua pork, ‘ahi poke and poi, the brand-new ALI‘I LU‘AU menu also includes fresh farm-to-table dishes like Hawai‘i Island pohole fern shoots, Hau‘ula tomato-and-goat cheese salad, honey-roasted Moloka‘i sweet potato and roasted coconut.

Find TOA LUAU (toaluau.com) at WAIMEA VALLEY on O‘ahu˛s North Shore. Admission to this beautiful natural and cultural site is included in the lu‘au experience. Guests enjoy a lei greeting, umu demonstrations and a

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kava ceremony along with a feast and Polynesian show.

Enjoy panoramic views of downtown Honolulu to the Wai‘anae mountain range at EXPERIENCE NUTRIDGE LU‘AU (nutridgeestate.com). Located at the Nutridge Estate, this experience features four hours of interactive activities including cultural workshops and games, education on Hawaiian protocols and traditions and a farm-to-table dinner. Round-trip transportation from Waikiki is available.

Lu‘au are open to the public and presented daily at a variety of locations on O‘ahu. There are many lu‘au around O‘ahu that will fill your belly and entertain you. Options include: HILTON HAWAIIAN VILLAGE’S STARLIGHT LUAU in Waikiki; KA MOANA LU‘AU AT SEA LIFE PARK (moanaluau.com); DIAMOND HEAD LUAU (diamondheadbeachluau.com), by ALOHA HAWAII TOURS; A ROYAL HAWAIIAN LU‘AU, ‘AHA‘AINA and TE MOANA NUI at Sheraton Princess Kaiulani in Waikiki; as well as KA WA‘A AT AULANI and PARADISE COVE tucked away on the west side.

SEA LIFE PARK (808) 259-2500
TOA LUAU (877) 778-8505
WET N WILD CHIEF’S LUAU (808) 440-2914