Hang in KoloaKaua‘i

KOLOA, the site of Hawai‘i’s first successful sugar plantation dating back to 1835, is now a popular stop for visitors who frequent the resorts and beaches of PO‘IPU.

Visitors headed to Koloa or Po‘ipu on Highway 520 first drive through a mile-long arch of beautiful, shaded greenery called THE TREE TUNNEL, which is a line of eucalyptus trees planted more than a century ago.

Once in Koloa, visitors can peruse the town’s retail shops, largely located in restored plantation-era buildings, giving the impression that they’re experiencing the slow pace of the islands years ago. A number of the island’s oldest churches also are located in the community.

Stores established by descendants of Japanese immigrant families still are in operation, and many other storefronts have been carefully restored and converted to clothing stores, surf shops, ice cream parlors and restaurants.

The community’s plantation history also can be traced with a visit to the KOLOA HISTORY CENTER, where old photographs and artifacts are displayed. Visit oldkoloatown.com.