Hit the Main StreetMaui

The island of Lana‘i doesn’t have a single stoplight and is home to a population of only 3,100 people. Where better, then, to find small-town charm than Lana‘i City’s main square?

Marked by tall pine trees and a grassy park, LANA‘I CITY boasts shops, a visitor center and numerous eateries. Head to LANA‘I ARTS CENTER to see works by numerous artists, all of them island residents. In fact, while you’re at it, just make a loop and check out all of the GALLERIES, CAFES, RESTAURANTS and BOUTIQUES located around the square. You can even catch a flick at the island’s only playhouse, a historic 1920s building.

At the center of the square is DOLE PARK, which has tables and a community center perfect for a picnic or family gathering. Also found at the park are several WAR MEMORIALS honoring soldiers who fought in WWII and the Korean War.

The park also was created in the early ’20s, around the same time an important part of island history was established on Lana‘i—DOLE PINEAPPLE PLANTATION VILLAGE, where thousands of workers lived during the heyday of Hawai‘i pineapple production.