Hit the Waves on a BodyboardKaua‘i

Not quite bold enough to try surfing? Unsure of bodysurfing? Consider BODYBOARDING, a hybrid of the two.

Also known as BOOGIE BOARDING, bodyboarding was born in California in the early 1980s and is easier to master than surfing. The brainchild of Tom Morey, the sport caught on quickly and soon, Morey Boogie Boards and the special fins designed to go with them began appearing in local surf shops. Today, the equipment is easy to find, and suitable beaches are plentiful.

KEALIA BEACH, just north of KAPA‘A on Highway 56, is a popular bodyboarding beach.

Caution: Kealia has dangerous rip currents and undertow. Talk to a lifeguard or local bodyboarders before taking the plunge.

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