Get Involved: Voluntourism

KauaiLand Diversions


Travelers are learning that one of the best ways to discover the real Kaua‘i and aloha spirit is to get involved with a VOLUNTOURISM program. Through working with local residents on CULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECTS , visitors get their hands dirty and their eyes opened.

At the forefront of the voluntourism movement is the GRAND HYATT KAUA‘I ’s Enrich Program that off ers island travelers an opportunity to enhance their vacation while giving back to the community. Organizations you can lend a hand with include KAUA‘I HUMANE SOCIETY, NATIONAL TROPICAL BOTANICAL GARDEN, SURFRIDER FOUNDATION and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY . Visit com or call 808-240-6436 for more information.

Other island opportunities range from organizations that support community gardens or specific crops — such as the MĀLAMA KAUA‘I COMMUNITY FARM in Kalihiwai ( and THE BREADFRUIT INSTITUTE ( — to conservation work like HANALEI NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE ( what_we_do/get_involved) and KĪLAUEA POINT NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE (

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Consult your concierge, or contact organizations directly to inquire about current projects.