KŌLOA , the site of Hawai‘i’s first successful sugar plantation dating back to 1835, is now a popular stop for visitors who frequent the resorts and beaches of PO‘IPŪ. Visitors headed to Kōloa or Po‘ipū on Highway 520 first drive through a mile-long arch of beautiful, shaded greenery called THE TREE TUNNEL , which is a line of eucalyptus trees planted more than a century ago.

Once in Kōloa, visitors can peruse the town’s retail shops, largely located in restored plantation-era buildings, giving the impression that they’re experiencing the slow pace of the island years ago. A number of Kaua‘i’s oldest churches also are located in the community.

The community’s plantation history also can be traced with a visit to KŌLOA HISTORY CENTER , where old photographs and artifacts are displayed. Visit oldkoloatown.com.

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