Have a Dog Day

KauaiLand Diversions

Missing your favorite four-legged friend back home? Check out KAUA‘I HUMANE SOCIETY ’s shelter dogs on field trips program. Those wanting some canine companionship to explore Kaua‘i’s pet-friendly outdoor wonders can “check out” a shelter dog for the day. Kaua‘i Humane Society matches dogs to humans and then you’re on your way — for a small donation fee!

Some places you may want to explore include: Sleeping Giant, Māhā‘ulepū Beach and Kōke‘e State Park/Waimea Canyon.

It’s a win-win: you get your furry fix, and the dogs get a fun day away from the shelter. Don’t worry if you fall in love: Kaua‘i Humane Society adopts out about four dogs a month to visitors and are happy to help with the process. Call or visit the Kaua‘i Humane Society for more information and guidelines: 808-632-0610, kauaihumane.org.

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